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  • Stained Glass Windows with Tissue Paper

    Stained Glass Windows with Tissue Paper

    What I Used: 1 page black construction paper White or silver pen or pencil Stick glue Tissue paper scraps (various colors) (1)  Cut or rip tissue paper into scraps. (2)  Draw design on black construction paper and cut out. (3)  Liberally put glue all around black paper design. (4)  Glue tissue paper scraps around the […]

  • Lent Nature Walk

    Lent Nature Walk

    After hearing about The Easter Walk and considering activities for Lent this year, I decided that we would turn one of our many outdoor adventures into a Lent-themed scavenger hunt!  Please feel free to use the printables here or develop your own; either way, I hope it will be a rewarding experience for you and […]

  • Bury the Alleluia–A Lenten Tradition

    Bury the Alleluia–A Lenten Tradition

    Since the mid-5th century, churches have abstained from singing or reciting “Alleluia” (“praise the Lord”) during Lent as a form of verbal fast to increase anticipation for Easter Sunday.  In order to make this liturgical tradition more relatable to our kids, we choose to physically bury the “Alleluia” in our home.  Here’s how we do […]

  • Ash Wednesday Craft for Kids

    Ash Wednesday Craft for Kids

    What I used: Template for face Crayons/colored pencils/etc Palm leaves (and 1 tsp olive oil) OR charcoal (1)  Print this template for drawing a face.  It also lists the phrases that your priest or pastor may say when administering the ashes.  Have your child color the face as they would like. (2)  If using charcoal […]

  • Butterfly Metamorphosis Craft Tutorial

    Butterfly Metamorphosis Craft Tutorial

    When looking for a butterfly craft to do with my preschooler and our early elementary friend, I knew that I wanted something that highlighted the metamorphosis and made it more of an activity in fine motor skill as well as creativity.  Here’s what I came up with: What I used: Caterpillar Clothespin Black pipe cleaner […]