Butterfly Metamorphosis Craft Tutorial

Butterfly Metamorphosis Craft Tutorial

When looking for a butterfly craft to do with my preschooler and our early elementary friend, I knew that I wanted something that highlighted the metamorphosis and made it more of an activity in fine motor skill as well as creativity.  Here’s what I came up with:


What I used:

  • Caterpillar
    • Clothespin
    • Black pipe cleaner
    • 4 pom-poms
  • Chrysalis
    • Toilet paper roll tube
    • Green paper scraps
    • Wax paper
  • Wings
    • Coffee filter
    • Markers
    • White pipe cleaner
    • Spray bottle

(1)  Cut 1/4 of black pipe cleaner, fold into antennae.  Attach antennae and pom-poms to clothespin with hot glue.

While definitely needing adult supervision, my preschooler was able to put the pom-poms on the clothespin without coming into contact with the hot glue.


(2)  Cut green paper into leaf shapes (basically, ovals with points) and glue around toilet paper roll tube.


(3)  Roll leaf-covered tube in wax paper until just covered around (secure with tape or glue).  Stuff extra wax paper into the bottom of the roll, creating a base.


(4)  Color coffee filter with markers and spray with water.  Let dry.


(5)  Cut white pipe cleaner in half and wrap around the center of the decorated coffee filter.


(6)  Stuff “wings” into “chrysalis,” ensuring that the white pipe cleaner is the closest to the the open end of the “chrysalis.”


(7)  Insert the “caterpillar” into the “chrysalis” and clasp the “wings” with the clothespin.


(8)  When you pull out the caterpillar clothespin, you should have the “wings” attached.  Merely unfold the wings and voila!


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