Lent Nature Walk

After hearing about The Easter Walk and considering activities for Lent this year, I decided that we would turn one of our many outdoor adventures into a Lent-themed scavenger hunt!  Please feel free to use the printables here or develop your own; either way, I hope it will be a rewarding experience for you and your kiddos to find the story of Jesus’ sacrifice in nature.

What I used:

  • Printable “clues”
    • Flower–Garden of Gethsemane
    • Coin–Judas’ Betrayal
    • Thorn–Crown of Thorns
    • Two sticks–Cross
      • We brought along some tape to turn the sticks into a cross before adding them to our binder
    • Something sharp–Nails
    • Something black–Darkness
    • Something dead–Jesus Dies
    • Rock–Tomb
    • Something White–Angel
    • Something Alive–Jesus
  • Binder
  • 10 page protectors

(1)  Print out the printable clues here.


(2)  Place the title page on the binder cover or in a page protector, and place each of the 10 “clues” in their own page protector.


(3)  Go out on a hike or walk and search for the suggested items.  Place each in their respective page protector.








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