Ash Wednesday Craft for Kids

What I used:

  • Template for face
  • Crayons/colored pencils/etc
  • Palm leaves (and 1 tsp olive oil) OR charcoal

(1)  Print this template for drawing a face.  It also lists the phrases that your priest or pastor may say when administering the ashes.  Have your child color the face as they would like.


(2)  If using charcoal (any black coloring tool that leaves a residue will work in a pinch)…

Rub charcoal on paper and allow kids to put their thumb in the residue.  Administer ashes to your portraits.

(3)  If using palms…

Burn palms in a fire safe area.  When you place palms in the fire, encourage your kids to say a simple prayer.  Dear God of tender mercy, look on us with kindness as we prepare the ashes, which mark the beginning of our Lenten journey.


After the fire has burned out, take ashes and grind with a mortar and pestle. To make a paste, add 1/8 tsp olive oil to the ashes until a paste forms.


Using a thumb, allow kids to administer the ashes to your portraits.







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  1. […] Print out pictures of faces (yours or random internet images) or color a picture of a face and draw crosses on the forehead with ashes or charcoal. […]

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