I talk to myself ALL the time.  I’ll admit that I try to do it in as non-obvious a way as possible, but the reality is that I get caught A LOT.  Since this is not a socially acceptable behavior, and I need a forum for my stream of consciousness, blogging started.

Some of these posts are just that: my stream of consciousness on a wide array of issues.  Some of these posts are well researched, well documented, and well rehearsed.  All of it is my honest attempt at sharing with whoever is willing to listen and none of it is intended to be taken any more seriously than it was written, which is to say very little.

I am a full time mom/wife/homemaker to a growing family living in suburban America.  I am also a recovering attorney* (no Rick, I am not starting a companion blog called “Laboriously Litigious”) who waxes poetic, verbally and typographically, on a variety of topics.

Pop in for a sound bite or stick around for a whole morning.  My hope is that you find something interesting here and if not, please feel free to suggest a topic!  My ears (or more accurately, “eyes,” since it’s email) are always open!



* Incidentally, this is why I use an Oxford comma and double sentence spacing in my writing.  One is grammatically necessary in my opinion while the other is merely a habit I refuse to break.