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  • Boppy Slipcover

    Boppy Slipcover

    One of my favorite “new mom staples” is a nursing pillow.  I remember how big of a difference it made for me (specifically my shoulders and wrists) when I was cluster feeding my first baby, and it continues to be integral to my comfort with my subsequent babies.  In fact, we bought the Boppy almost […]

  • DIY Carseat Canopy

    DIY Carseat Canopy

    What I Used: 1 yard decorative fabric 1 1/4 yard base fabric Velcro OPTIONAL Coordinating ribbon Button maker kit (1)  Iron fabrics and pin together, right sides facing.  Cut base fabric down to decorative fabric. (2)  Using a bowl or other large circle, round edges of pinned fabrics. (3)  Sew around with a 1/2″ seam […]

  • Dyed Rice for Sensory Play, Art, and More

    Dyed Rice for Sensory Play, Art, and More

    Whether you’re looking for a fun playgroup or party activity for a group of youngsters or want to try something like this with your own special tyke, dyed rice is easy to make, fun to play with, and versatile for a number of activities and stages.  I’ve used it for sensory bins, I-Spy jars, art […]

  • Large Cardboard Train Tutorial

    Large Cardboard Train Tutorial

    As silly as it may sound, I LOVE working with cardboard.  After moving fairly frequently in early childhood, I have definite fond memories of creating forts and other objects out of our used moving boxes, and I love watching kids’ imaginations run free, both with the space of boxes themselves and also with what they […]

  • DIY Cardboard Cranky Crane

    DIY Cardboard Cranky Crane

    My almost-two-year-old LOVES to stack things and knock them down.  While at a recent dinner party, he entertained himself for an impressively long time by collecting play-doh containers and, completely uninterested in the contents, built tower after tower for his own amusement.  While planning his Thomas the Train birthday party, I wanted to provide him […]