Boppy Slipcover

One of my favorite “new mom staples” is a nursing pillow.  I remember how big of a difference it made for me (specifically my shoulders and wrists) when I was cluster feeding my first baby, and it continues to be integral to my comfort with my subsequent babies.  In fact, we bought the Boppy almost 5 years and 3 babies ago, and it is still going strong!

While you can certainly buy decorative slipcovers, I wasn’t overly impressed with the assortment available when I bought my pillow (5 years ago), so I purchased the waterproof cover and chose to make my own decorative slipcover.  These slipcovers are easy to make and are great for gifts or as a simple way to freshen up your old nursing pillow for a new arrival!

These pattern pieces originally appeared on Economical Baby, but the site is no longer available, so her pattern is available below, and here are her original instructions.


What I Used:

  • Pattern pieces
  • 1/2 yard home decorator fabric
  • 1/2 yard snuggly fleece fabric

(1)  Print out pattern pieces and tape pieces together, overlapping gray areas completely.  Fold your fabric in half and pin pattern to fabric, cutting around pattern (not on fold).

(2)  Pin/press under the long straight edges of the bottom and top zipper portions 1/2″.

(3)  Pin one side of zipper along 1/2″ pressed edge.  Sew with a zipper foot and straight stitch.

(4)  Repeat with other side of the zipper and 1/2″ pressed edge.

(5)  Trim zipper and, if necessary, fabric along zipper.

(6)  Close zipper halfway and pin main body fabric to zippered back fabric.  Sew with a 1/4″ seam allowance around.

(7)  Turn right-side out and stuff with Boppy (or similarly shaped) pillow!










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