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  • Stations of the Cross Mat

    Stations of the Cross Mat

    Stations of the Cross can provide powerful imagery throughout the year and especially during Holy Week (the week before Easter).  Many churches offer a “walk through the stations” during Lent, but this liturgical occasion may be difficult for younger children to grasp, and many Stations of the Cross may be too graphic or abstract for […]

  • Lenten Pretzels

    Lenten Pretzels

    Soft pretzels are a staple at baseball games and pubs, but did you know they began as a Lenten food in the early centuries of Christianity? While still a time of fasting and self-denial, Lent in our modern times is significantly more lenient than it was originally.  Early Christians deprived themselves of eggs, fat, milk, […]

  • Stained Glass Windows with Tissue Paper

    Stained Glass Windows with Tissue Paper

    What I Used: 1 page black construction paper White or silver pen or pencil Stick glue Tissue paper scraps (various colors) (1)  Cut or rip tissue paper into scraps. (2)  Draw design on black construction paper and cut out. (3)  Liberally put glue all around black paper design. (4)  Glue tissue paper scraps around the […]

  • Lent Nature Walk

    Lent Nature Walk

    After hearing about The Easter Walk and considering activities for Lent this year, I decided that we would turn one of our many outdoor adventures into a Lent-themed scavenger hunt!  Please feel free to use the printables here or develop your own; either way, I hope it will be a rewarding experience for you and […]

  • Bury the Alleluia–A Lenten Tradition

    Bury the Alleluia–A Lenten Tradition

    Since the mid-5th century, churches have abstained from singing or reciting “Alleluia” (“praise the Lord”) during Lent as a form of verbal fast to increase anticipation for Easter Sunday.  In order to make this liturgical tradition more relatable to our kids, we choose to physically bury the “Alleluia” in our home.  Here’s how we do […]