Rocket Ship Party Favors

After seeing this general idea on Pinterest, I was very excited to use them for my daughter’s Astronaut Princess birthday party!  I modified the designs I found online a little to make the final product more sturdy and personalized for our little guests.  Here’s how:

What I Used:

  • Paper cup
  • Cardstock
  • Template
  • Stickers
  • Hot glue
  • Clear tape
  • Ribbon (for my cups, I needed about 30″)

(1)  Print and cut template onto cardstock.  OPTIONAL: Glue two triangles together so the favor looks the same from any angle.


(2)  Turn cardstock circle (with slit cut down the middle) into a cone and tape/glue in place on the outside and inside of the cone.  If you’re using textured cardstock, hot glue is really the only thing that works long term here.  Cut tip off of the cone.


(3)  Hot glue triangles onto paper cups as rocket fins.


(4)  Poke two holes in the bottom of the paper cups (I used a pencil for this…very precise tool).  Pull ribbon evenly through the bottom of the hole, taping the middle to the bottom of the cup.


(5)  Pull ribbon along two opposite interior edges of the cup and adhere with tape.


(6)  Fill with treats.  Pull ribbon ends through cut-tip of the cone and secure with a bow.


(7)  Personalize and attach stickers.



We filled our “rocket ships” with space-themed goodies appropriate for the varied ages of our small guests!

Playdoh and Slime

For our guests under 3, we made homemade playdoh.  This particular recipe has been a staple of my family for a couple of generations now, and it’s ridiculously easy and stable (I found a leftover jar from my daughter’s 1st birthday in the week leading up to her second birthday, and it was still perfectly malleable).


For our preschool guests, we wanted to use something a bit more unique.  This slime recipe was a new attempt for me, and while it was really fun when the slime was cool, it became unruly in hot weather, which we discovered during the birthday party in 90º heat.  Labels available here.



Moon Rocks

Snacks seem to always be a huge hit with small guests!  In order to give kids (and their parents) some variety in the snacks, we made three different variants that all resembled “moon rocks” or, at the very least, outerspace snacks.  We packaged them in clear party bags with these labels (instructions are the same as the frog valentines here).

For our youngest guests (all +6 months), we packaged puffs, which are conveniently star-shaped.


For the toddlers, we used yogurt covered raisins.  I also added enough raisins in each bag so that parents who didn’t want their older kids ingesting candy could reasonably split this bag among multiple children without too much hassle.


For our preschool plus guests, we used Hershey kisses and Rolos.  My thought process was that if the families allowed candy for the kids, then these are thematically appropriate and easy to dole out over a longer period of time as their individually wrapped.  If a family doesn’t allow candy for their kids, then they aren’t so tempting that kids would know immediately that their candy.  It worked for us: my 4 year-old was completely uninterested in them until she tried them.  After that, of course, they were very interesting!



I wasn’t planning on using anything else, but I ended up over-buying stickers for our rocket ship project that made for perfect fillers.


We also included a project that we didn’t have time for during the party itself.  These straw rocket packets have been a wonderful rainy day (stir-crazy day, lazy day, etc) activity for my kids!


For other space-themed ideas, please check out Once Upon a Galaxy: An Astronaut Princess Birthday!







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