Coming soon in crafts…

Check back soon for tutorials on how to make the most of raw materials!  Please subscribe to our newsletter for notifications regarding upcoming posts.


Proposed topics: Yarn work, needlepoint, papercraft, sewing, woodworking, felt work, and everything in between (I’ve never tried glass blowing, but never say never)!








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  1. […] I pulled double duty with these pumpkins as (1) painted as decorations for Fall/Halloween (which is why there is paint on the pre-cut pumpkin), and (2) cut […]

  2. […] amount of money, I discovered this tutorial for making football jerseys out of simple t-shirts.  I modified the tutorial to fit my specifications (and my princess-obsessed preschooler), and […]

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  4. […] and decorated the high chair with left over streamers.  I also had a lot of fun making a rainbow tutu for my daughter, but it ended up working really well under the cake stand […]

  5. […] position also works for engaging in finger games/songs (peek-a-boo, itsy-bitsy spider, etc).  It is possible to play with your baby without being too […]

  6. […] saw these blocks at a friend’s house and wanted to try something similar in the colors of our big kids’ room.  Using this tutorial, I developed my own tweaks, and here’s how it […]

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  10. […] fun to play with, and versatile for a number of activities and stages.  I’ve used it for sensory bins, I-Spy jars, art projects, and […]

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