Coming soon in faith…

Check back soon for ideas on celebrating and growing in faith in our busy world!  While I may not have universal solutions, I have some tools and tricks that (seem to) help us along our journey.  Please subscribe to our newsletter for notifications regarding upcoming posts!



Proposed topics:  growing your faith in a busy home, sharing faith with kids, surviving religious services with children, planning a Catholic wedding, religious gifts, and more!






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  1. […] a bit deeper into our faith and help Jenna celebrate the season of Lent.  She absolutely loved the Advent calendar that we made, and I adore the concept of the Jesse Tree, which we’ll be trying for the first […]

  2. […] with the addition of the 15th station, it is a great exercise for either list, and I will include printable cards and article ideas for the “Scriptural Way of the Cross” when I […]

  3. […] books (here are some ideas to get you going, and here are our quiet books we use at […]

  4. […] books fairly similar (to avoid sibling disputes) but also to distinguish these books from future religious quiet book projects.  While my daughter was initially drawn to the cross in church, but son has been more intrigued by […]

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