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  • Cardboard Rocket Ships & Outerspace Tunnel

    Cardboard Rocket Ships & Outerspace Tunnel

    When my daughter asked for an “Astronaut Princess” party for her fourth birthday, we were a little stumped.  What does an astronaut princess do?  What sort of party would she have?  When the internet wasn’t helping me come up with a lot of princess-like astronauts (let alone “girly” ones), I went to the mastermind herself. […]

  • Testing Sugar: Ice Water Technique

    Testing Sugar: Ice Water Technique

    Cooking sugar is a fairly simple concept:  boil down sugar crystals until the crystals can reform into a liquefied, chewy, or crunchy texture.  The difficulty is in getting the correct temperature for this new form without burning the sugar. While you certainly can (and should) use a candy thermometer to monitor your recipe, the precise […]

  • Coming soon in food…

    Whether you’re looking to feed a crowd or yourself, whether you’re trying to find a use for leftover ingredients, or whether you’re just perusing, I hope you’ll find something for you here!  Proposed topics: party food, freezer cooking, baby food, holiday meals, and more!

  • How to separate an egg

    While there are many different ways to separate an egg, this is my favorite!  Whether you need egg yolks for custard or egg whites for a meringue, you’ll be able to get what you need a preserve the rest! (1)  Crack your eggs lightly at the halfway point. (2)  Slowly remove one half of the […]

  • Coming soon in faith…

    Check back soon for ideas on celebrating and growing in faith in our busy world!  While I may not have universal solutions, I have some tools and tricks that (seem to) help us along our journey.  Please subscribe to our newsletter for notifications regarding upcoming posts!   Proposed topics:  growing your faith in a busy […]