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  • DIY Post-Partum Relief Pads

    DIY Post-Partum Relief Pads

    After leaving the hospital following my first vaginal birth, I seriously missed the nurses and their seemingly never-ending supply of homeopathic pain-relieving techniques.  After some significant research and trial-and-error, I fell in love with these post-partum relief pads!!!  Now that I’m anticipating another (hopefully) vaginal delivery, I’ve reserved a drawer of our freezer for these […]

  • Post-Partum Recovery Kit (Vaginal & C-Section)

    Post-Partum Recovery Kit (Vaginal & C-Section)

    After experiencing both a c-section and a vaginal delivery in the span of a few years, I wanted to feel “covered” coming home for my third delivery regardless of how my baby was delivered.  As I was compiling my own “kit” for this third birth, it dawned on me that this might be good information […]

  • Constellation Craft

    Constellation Craft

    Whether you’re trying to entertain dozens of toddlers at a celestial-themed birthday party, stimulate a lazy afternoon, or entertain kiddos for a late night like New Year’s Eve, this craft is educational, artistic, and yummy!!!  It can also be modified for just about any age and stage.  For instance, when catering to a large group, […]

  • Preschool Halloween Games and Food

    Preschool Halloween Games and Food

    If you’re anything like me, the restrictions on bringing food to school can be frustrating.  This frustration is especially poignant when the request is also to bring thematically appropriate food.  If you’re feeling stymied by these seeming competing requests, I hope these ideas will help!  I also included a fun game for preschool aged kids […]

  • Personalized Baby Book

    Personalized Baby Book

    When I went to look for something quick and easy to compile memories, pictures, and stats for my first child, I became quickly annoyed with how different baby books are and how much I wanted to pick and choose different features.  As a result, I went ahead and created my own that I have very […]