Preschool Halloween Games and Food

If you’re anything like me, the restrictions on bringing food to school can be frustrating.  This frustration is especially poignant when the request is also to bring thematically appropriate food.  If you’re feeling stymied by these seeming competing requests, I hope these ideas will help!  I also included a fun game for preschool aged kids for a Halloween party.

Pumpkin Patch Cuties

What I Used:


After roughly covering my platter with green fabric, I placed the cuties on top.  Then, I printed the pumpkin patch sign, wrapped a green pipe cleaner around the base of the sign to create some stability, and stuck it in the middle of the cuties.  Ta-da!

Jack O’Lantern Peaches

What I Used:


Cut out Jack O’Lantern faces and mix and match them to create as many as 25 unique varieties (my daughter LOVED doing this part) on peach containers.  Then, roughly cover a circular platter with black yarn, and place peach containers around platter.  Easy-peasy!

Pumpkin Punch Box

What I Used:

  • Tri-fold presentation board
  • 15 Solo cups
  • 15 small prizes (stickers, costume items, individually packaged raisins, etc)
  • Orange tissue paper
  • Red duct tape
  • Hot glue
  • 3 green pipe cleaners
  • Scrap construction paper in green and brown.
  • OPTIONAL: 15 numbered pieces of paper and little box


(1)  Fill each solo cup with a small prize.  Pulling a couple of layers of tissue paper around the top of the solo cup, securing with duct tape.

(2)  Hot glue bottom of solo cups to presentation board in the shape of a pumpkin.

(3)  Cut brown construction paper and add accents to look like stem.  Cut green construction paper and add veining to create leaf.  Spiral green pipe cleaners.  Affix all to presentation board.

(4)  Draw other decorations as you see fit.


(5)  OPTIONAL:  Add numbers to the tops of the tissue paper and cut scraps of paper and number them.  While playing the game, allow kids to pick their paper, read their number, and discover what is in “their” numbered cup!








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