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  • Freezer-Friendly Mealoaf

    Freezer-Friendly Mealoaf

    Meatloaf can be so incredibly easy to make and is, thankfully, a wonderful dish to prepare and freeze for later.  This recipe is part of a lovely set that my mother-in-law gave me from their family’s archives, and it’s a valued connection to family that live so far away. Yield: 1 meatloaf in traditional meatloaf […]

  • Mom’s Eat or Freeze Vegetable Soup

    Mom’s Eat or Freeze Vegetable Soup

    Growing up, my mom would make the most delicious vegetable soup at least once a year.  She’d freeze it for later, bring it camping, up to the mountains, etc.  It was a staple in our home during the winter months, and with fresh bread, it was a real treat!  When I was starting my own […]

  • Fresh or Frozen Lasagna

    Fresh or Frozen Lasagna

    When preparing food for our most recent addition to the family, we simply had to include lasagna.  It is one of those meals that holds up well to freezing and can be paired with several different vegetable options to make a terrific full meal for a growing family (and may last for several days depending […]