Melon Stars

Whether it’s Fourth of July, an Astronaut Princess party, or a way to get kiddos involved in the kitchen, these melon stars are a wonderful way to enjoy melon season as a family with a fun twist!

What I Used:

  • Cantaloupe
  • Honey dew
  • Watermelon (since I wanted roughly the same quantity of each melon, I bought the small, round variety)
  • Star cookie cutter

(1) Cut melon into discs of desired thickness (mine were 1-1.5″).  For honey dew and cantaloupe, remove the seeds as you see fit.


(2) Let your kid loose “cutting” shapes out of the melon meat with cookie cutters.  The rule we used was that if it was too tough to get the cookie cutter “through” the melon, then it was too close to the rind.  Ultimately, I did most of the end pieces of the melons, but there were plenty of middle sections for the kids to enjoy (not to mention non-star pieces that *needed* to get eaten).


(3)  Place stars in a bowl and toss for a festive, colorful treat!





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