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mise-en-placepecan-pieWhether you’re looking to feed a crowd or yourself, whether you’re trying to find a use for leftover ingredients, or whether you’re just perusing, I hope you’ll find something for you here!  Proposed topics: party food, freezer cooking, baby food, holiday meals, and more!






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  1. […] the pumpkin “guts” (you can preserve the seeds for toasting and preserve the pulp for pumpkin puree to use in a variety of dishes).  I also suggest scraping the inside of the pumpkin with a reliable […]

  2. […] As a finishing touch, I took some leftover pretzel dough from the pretzel dogs and made little cars.  All you need to do is make 4 small balls and 1 medium ball.  Put the four […]

  3. […] apple picking this year, we had a significant amount of leftover apples that made for great, pure apple cider (carafes and labels)!  The non-sweetened, cold version was perfect for the little ones who would […]

  4. […] Jenna and I had a blast using cookie cutters to cut melons (honey dew, cantaloupe, and watermelon) into star shapes. […]

  5. […] been single-handledly responsible for helping me more sane and more frugal.  We are able to create monthly meal plans, follow them, and make dinner time a relatively low-stress time in our household while still […]

  6. […] that we “observe” in our home, mainly for how much fun I have processing the fruit: strawberry season and apple season.  Thankfully, we have an amazing farm/orchard within an easy drive of our home […]

  7. […] odd time between breakfast and lunch, so we tried to provide both fares!  In the warmers, we made crepes filled with homemade strawberry jam on one side and this recipe for broccoli wheel […]

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