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  • Large Cardboard Train Tutorial

    Large Cardboard Train Tutorial

    As silly as it may sound, I LOVE working with cardboard.  After moving fairly frequently in early childhood, I have definite fond memories of creating forts and other objects out of our used moving boxes, and I love watching kids’ imaginations run free, both with the space of boxes themselves and also with what they […]

  • DIY Cardboard Cranky Crane

    DIY Cardboard Cranky Crane

    My almost-two-year-old LOVES to stack things and knock them down.  While at a recent dinner party, he entertained himself for an impressively long time by collecting play-doh containers and, completely uninterested in the contents, built tower after tower for his own amusement.  While planning his Thomas the Train birthday party, I wanted to provide him […]

  • Train Ticket Invitation

    Train Ticket Invitation

    When trying to decide how to invite our guests to John Jr.’s second birthday, we loved the ideas of tickets!  Using the basic premise from last year when we developed a sports’ ticket invitation, I modified bits and pieces to come up with a train ticket!  If you’d like a more basic version to change […]

  • Constellation Craft

    Constellation Craft

    Whether you’re trying to entertain dozens of toddlers at a celestial-themed birthday party, stimulate a lazy afternoon, or entertain kiddos for a late night like New Year’s Eve, this craft is educational, artistic, and yummy!!!  It can also be modified for just about any age and stage.  For instance, when catering to a large group, […]

  • Train Party Favors

    Train Party Favors

    Whether you use these favors for a train-themed party, to entertain your own train enthusiast, or adapt them to fit your theme, I hope these ideas come in handy for you and your family! Train Whistles I love using birthday parties as an excuse to try my hand at a new crafting method.  For my […]