Roses and Mesh Valentine’s Wreath

Roses and Mesh Valentine’s Wreath

While I made this wreath for Valentine’s Day, it is easily adaptable to any season or celebration.  With wreaths being so expensive, it’s wonderful to know that there are relatively inexpensive options out there to produce your own customizable creation!

What I used:

  • Cardboard
  • 8 tubes of Dollar Store mesh (each 6″ x 5 yards)
  • 20 Dollar Store rose stems (3 flowers on each)
  • 1 packet red pipe cleaners (need 40)
  • Hot glue gun

(1)  Cut cardboard to desired shape and size.


(2)  Trace 2″ from the edge of your shape all around.  Cut out center of shape to make an outline.


(3)  Using a pen or similar tool, punch out holes 1.5″ apart.


(4)  Cut pipe cleaners into thirds.  String two pipe cleaner pieces through each hole (one on each side of the outline).


AUTHOR’S NOTE:  I used floral wire of various gauges as well as pipe cleaners, and the pipe cleaners worked best by far.

(5)  Using the mesh, begin by working on the outside of the outline.  You’ll be making a psuedo-bow with rabbit ears (two loops), twist the loops, and secure with the pipe cleaner.


(6)  Work the same on the inside of the outline.


(7)  Remove rose flowers from stems.  Uncover the original hole on the outline and, using hot glue, attach the roses around.


(8)  Hang on door, wall, etc.  Enjoy!


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