Referee Beer Bottle Labels

When I was looking for a simple way to customize beer bottles for my son’s 1st birthday party, I came up empty.  I found several coozie-style options, but those were too expensive for our purposes.  After plenty of success with water bottle labels, I figured I could apply a similar technique here!

What I Used:

  1. Labels
  2. Beer bottles
  3. Full page labels or cardstock (both will also need clear packing tape) OR waterproof labels  (this product works great when applying labels to anything that may “sweat”

(1) Peel original label off of the bottle as best you can.


(2) Rinse beer bottle over warm water to scrape off remaining label.  Wipe dry.


(3) Print out the labels and cut out.

(4) If you’re using waterproof labels, you can just peel and apply!  If not, you’ll need to apply clear packing tape over the label itself to prevent the ink bleeding on your hands as the bottle “sweats.”


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