Outerspace Backdrop

When hosting birthday/themed parties, I enjoy transforming an area of our party space.  Usually this centers around the food, and recently, I’ve been having some fun with backdrops.  Because we’re still renting and don’t want to spend a ton of money on our current home, the outside of the house, especially under the pergola, is very bland and in need of some work.  As a result, this is the perfect area to cover!


We found this roll of black paper and cut enough to cover almost the entire wall (there was also plenty to cover tables and for crafting later).  We ended up connecting three pieces together (packing tape on the back side and spray glue to secure the edges).


Then, I cut construction paper circles, which Jenna colored with chalk.  Then, we stuck these star stickers all over the rest of the paper above where we though the food table would be.


I also made her “astronaut princess” and rocket ship from the invitations into full-page sized stickers (rocket here and astronaut princess here) for her to put on the backdrop once we had installed it on the wall.  John loved being part of the process too as he isn’t usually able to get in on the crafting fun.  I then drew a “tether cord” from the astronaut to the rocket ship, and voila!astronaut_princess_placing_special_stickers

All in all, I think it turned out, and Jenna thoroughly enjoyed showing anyone she could where “she” was in outerspace!


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