Lined Field Tablecloth (Artificial Turf)

What I used:

  • Artificial turf (available at Home Depot, Lowes, etc)
  • Vinyl transfer material
  • Silhouette machine
  • Hashes, dashes, and numbers
  • Athletic tape

(1)  Cut the artificial turf to cover your table plus extra to allow for wrapping the turf under the table.  Wrap the additional coverage under your table and secure with tape.

NOTE:  When cutting, be careful to use very sharp and sturdy scissors as the turf frays and sheds a considerable amount:


(2)  Determine how many “yards” you  can fit on your table and what portion of the field you’d like to use.  Check out this basic field guild for some ideas:


(2)  Cut out hashes, dashes, and numbers (you could also use lines, half-field logo, end zone logos, etc) and adhere to the turf.  Ultimately, I chose to stick with the absolute basics as viewed from the sidelines: hashes, dashes, and numbers.  Using this template or creating your own, cut out hashes, dashes, and numbers and adhere to the turf.  If you’re making your own, I found that “Bernard MT Condensed” is a decently close font to most major football fields.

NOTE: If you’re using outside or otherwise expecting a lot of wear, you may need to reinforce with a spray adhesive since the vinyl adhesive won’t stick perfectly:


(3)  Rip athletic tape at lengths long enough for yard lines at the 10’s.


(4)  Add plates and enjoy!


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