Juice Box Rocket Ships

For my four-year-old’s “astronaut princess” party, she was very excited about the various crafts and preparations leading up to her party.  This year was also one of the first times that she was able to express and execute her opinions on how she envisioned certain aspects of her party.  As someone who loves a challenge, we had an amazing time together imagining and re-imagining ways to make the party special for her and our guests!

One of these little touches came in the form of decorating juice boxes.  We found a lot of great ideas for juice box cars and juice box robots, but Jenna was really hoping for rocket ships, and I wanted something that would be functional for kids to drink and allow the flavors of each drink to still be apparent.

What I used:

  • Template
  • Construction paper or cardstock in desired colors
  • Hot glue
  • Glitter glue (found our kid-friendly ones at the Dollar Tree).

(1) Print and cut template out of construction paper or cardstock.


(2) Hot glue “nose” and “fins” onto juice boxes and add glitter glue accents.

The glitter idea was 90% Jenna’s: she asked whether we could have “sparkles” be drawn “here” and “here,” and I said, “yes,” and found and bought the glitter glue (really pulling my weight on this project).


For other space-themed ideas, please check out Once Upon a Galaxy: An Astronaut Princess Birthday!



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