If you give a house some hardwood…

If you give a house some hardwood…

We are in the midst of our first home improvement project after buying our first house late last year.  After nearly a decade of pining about painting and otherwise altering countless (6, actually) different rental properties, we are finally able to change anything we want about our living space.  On one of our rare date nights, John and I cozied up at a Starbucks and dreamed through a fairly comprehensive list of all of the little projects we would like to start in our new home, and we settled on our first big mission: the hardwood floors!

This project was extremely exciting for many different reasons.  First, the exposed hardwood had been well-loved by a long-nailed dog and several children before we moved in.  Second, the dilapidated carpet in bedrooms and adjoining hallways covered (what we hoped would be) usable original hardwood floors.  We were fortunate enough to have a friend give us a great deal on the labor and replacement hardwood boards where we needed them, and this first foray into home improvement went wonderfully!

Here’s the problem…

I feel like home improvement is much like the children’s book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” and the countless other books that followed.

Here’s our saga as it currently sits, and I’m pretty sure we can’t be the only people who feel this way…

If you buy a house, you’ll want some hardwood to go with it,

When that’s finished, the house will need paint.

When you give it some paint, the house will need rugs to tie the room together.

When you buy the rugs, the house will need some furniture to fill it up.

When you arrange the furniture, the house should get a housewarming party…

And so it goes.  I can only hope that we don’t, in the manner of the books, end up back at the hardwood at some point, but with three kids under 5 and dog, I’m not ruling it out!






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  1. Hey, Anne, after you have remodeled (we built two houses) 10 houses, you will find out lots and lots of things. Love the pictures with your helper getting the place just like you want it. Enjoy!!!

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