Football Painted Tin Cans

Football Painted Tin Cans

What I used:


  • Tin can (empty)
  • Medium paint brush
  • Brown acrylic paint
  • White duct tape (you can also use athletic tape or white electrical tape)

(1)  After rinsing the inside of the can, pat dry, leaving the label intact (do not peel).


(2)  Paint can with acrylic paint.  Don’t worry if your first coat does not completely obscure the label.


(3)  After 2-3 coats, your label will be completely covered by the brown paint.  Let dry.


(4)  Add strips of tape to resemble a football laces (one long strip and three short strips).  I put too sets of “laces” on my can so that it would be apparent from any angle.


(5)  Fill with utensils (or flowers or anything else you’d like!)


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