Dried Apple Chips

Dried Apple Chips

One of the things that I love about apples is how versatile they are!  In addition to the typical things to make during apple season, our whole family also enjoys dried apple chips, which are surprisingly easy to make!

What I Used:

(1)  Using the apple peeler, peel/core/cut your apples into thing slices.


(2)  Place on dehydrator, leaving a little room between slices to allow for quicker drying.  Set dehydrator between 125-135 degrees.  Don’t be surprised if the apples brown a bit (you could spray them with lemon water, but I’ve found that it takes long enough to dry that, even with this method, the chips end up brown).




(3)  Apple slices should be ready in 6+ hours.  The longer you leave them, the crispier they’ll be.


(4)  Store in what way you choose.  I like using snack bags and can typically fit one level in each bag.


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