Crochet Candy Cane

Crochet Candy Cane

What I used:

  • Candy cane
  • 12 yds worsted weight yarn
  • Crochet hook, size F

Special stitch: “picot” → (ch 3, sl st in top of dc)

(Row 1)  Ch 37; dc in 4rd ch from hook (counts as 1 dc) and each ch across: 35 dc.


(Row 2)  Ch 3, turn (counts as 1st dc); dc in next sc, (ch 1, skip next sc, dc in next sc) four times; ch 1, (dc in next sc, ch 1) four times; skip next sc (dc in next sc, ch 1, skip next sc) nine times; dc in last two ch: (21 dc, 18 ch 1’s).


(Row 3)  Ch 1, turn (counts as 1st sc); sc in next dc; *[(dc, ch1, dc, picot, ch1, dc) in next dc; sc in next dc]; repeat from * eight times; sc in last two dc.  Fasten off, secure ends.


(Finishing)  Insert candy cane by weaving through ch 1’s in (Row 2).


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