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  • Kids Tech Round-Up 0-5

    Kids Tech Round-Up 0-5

    Traveling with pre-school aged children is not for the faint of heart.  It will probably be messy (physically and emotionally), uncomfortable, and at times, interminable.  For those families that have the means, value seeing the world over comfort, and/or who have out-of-town family that they want to visit, these hurdles are fleeting and worth the […]

  • Medical Emergency Abroad with Kids

    Medical Emergency Abroad with Kids

    We recently took the kids to Japan to visit their uncle and aunt who were stationed over there with the Navy.  In addition to many other souvenirs and memories, we also came home with our first international hospital experience and a brand new scar for our 13 month old. Ultimately, our son was treated successfully, […]

  • Mom’s Guide to Airline Regulations

    Mom’s Guide to Airline Regulations

    After many questions and even more trial and error, I have learned that rules and regulations regarding children (and their stuff) and flying are cumbersome and not consistently applied.  As an attorney, I also find these regulations to be an interesting read (yes, I know, I’m weird).  In general, I find it is always a […]

  • Plane-tertaining for Kids 0-5

    Plane-tertaining for Kids 0-5

    YOU ARE READY!!!  You’ve planned the perfect trip.  Your bags are packed to the brim.  You’ve managed to get everything and everyone safely to the airport, checked-in, through security, and now… the REAL work begins. There’s something about the “hurry up and wait” conditions of airline travel that can be particularly frustrating with small children.  […]

  • Traveling with Pre-School Children: An Overview

    Traveling with Pre-School Children: An Overview

    There are few seemingly “routine” things more stressful in a parent’s life than staring down plane travel with pre-school aged children (by this, I mean ages 0-5).*  In this series, I will explore various aspects of this daunting challenge from my own experiences and middling success. Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking for some extra […]