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  • DIY Post-Partum Relief Pads

    DIY Post-Partum Relief Pads

    After leaving the hospital following my first vaginal birth, I seriously missed the nurses and their seemingly never-ending supply of homeopathic pain-relieving techniques.  After some significant research and trial-and-error, I fell in love with these post-partum relief pads!!!  Now that I’m anticipating another (hopefully) vaginal delivery, I’ve reserved a drawer of our freezer for these […]

  • Post-Partum Recovery Kit (Vaginal & C-Section)

    Post-Partum Recovery Kit (Vaginal & C-Section)

    After experiencing both a c-section and a vaginal delivery in the span of a few years, I wanted to feel “covered” coming home for my third delivery regardless of how my baby was delivered.  As I was compiling my own “kit” for this third birth, it dawned on me that this might be good information […]

  • Personalized Baby Book

    Personalized Baby Book

    When I went to look for something quick and easy to compile memories, pictures, and stats for my first child, I became quickly annoyed with how different baby books are and how much I wanted to pick and choose different features.  As a result, I went ahead and created my own that I have very […]