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  • Church Quiet Books

    Church Quiet Books

    When board books and the contents of mom’s purse weren’t quite cutting it during Mass to keep our then 18 month old engaged, I decided to create a quiet book to help her (and my husband and I) remain calm during our weekly church services.  After using it successfully for 3 years and another child, […]

  • Stations of the Cross Mat

    Stations of the Cross Mat

    Stations of the Cross can provide powerful imagery throughout the year and especially during Holy Week (the week before Easter).  Many churches offer a “walk through the stations” during Lent, but this liturgical occasion may be difficult for younger children to grasp, and many Stations of the Cross may be too graphic or abstract for […]

  • How to cut felt

    How to cut felt

    Cutting felt by hand can be a tricky and frustrating process.  Thankfully, there are many helpful hints out there.  After trying my hand at quiet books, felt dioramas, and countless other projects, here is my favorite technique for cutting intricate felt designs! What I used: Felt Template Scissors Clear packing tape (1)  Print out your […]