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  • Broken Eggshells

    Broken Eggshells

    This week was rough.  This was my first week as a stay-at-home parent to three kids under 5.  We were all getting over a two-day travel getting back from the holidays.  We were all getting over having the extra hands, arms, and ears of family members ready and willing to play, listen, hug, and look […]

  • DIY Carseat Canopy

    DIY Carseat Canopy

    What I Used: 1 yard decorative fabric 1 1/4 yard base fabric Velcro OPTIONAL Coordinating ribbon Button maker kit (1)  Iron fabrics and pin together, right sides facing.  Cut base fabric down to decorative fabric. (2)  Using a bowl or other large circle, round edges of pinned fabrics. (3)  Sew around with a 1/2″ seam […]

  • Dyed Rice for Sensory Play, Art, and More

    Dyed Rice for Sensory Play, Art, and More

    Whether you’re looking for a fun playgroup or party activity for a group of youngsters or want to try something like this with your own special tyke, dyed rice is easy to make, fun to play with, and versatile for a number of activities and stages.  I’ve used it for sensory bins, I-Spy jars, art […]

  • Homemade English Toffee

    Homemade English Toffee

    What I Used: 2 1/2 cups sugar 1 cup light karo syrup 1 lb unsalted butter 12 oz chocolate chips These pictures were taken while completing a double batch of the above recipe. (1)  Butter wax paper and set aside. (2)  Place sugar, karo syrup, and butter in a large saucepan. (3)  On medium-high heat, […]

  • Large Cardboard Train Tutorial

    Large Cardboard Train Tutorial

    As silly as it may sound, I LOVE working with cardboard.  After moving fairly frequently in early childhood, I have definite fond memories of creating forts and other objects out of our used moving boxes, and I love watching kids’ imaginations run free, both with the space of boxes themselves and also with what they […]