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  • Boppy Slipcover

    Boppy Slipcover

    One of my favorite “new mom staples” is a nursing pillow.  I remember how big of a difference it made for me (specifically my shoulders and wrists) when I was cluster feeding my first baby, and it continues to be integral to my comfort with my subsequent babies.  In fact, we bought the Boppy almost […]

  • Personalized Baby Book

    Personalized Baby Book

    When I went to look for something quick and easy to compile memories, pictures, and stats for my first child, I became quickly annoyed with how different baby books are and how much I wanted to pick and choose different features.  As a result, I went ahead and created my own that I have very […]

  • Call Me “Princess Mommy”

    Call Me “Princess Mommy”

    It may sound far-fetched, but bear with me.  My three-year-old, who is tiara-deep in her princess phase, informed me the other day that I was just like a princess.  When pressed, she explained that I cook, clean, and take care of people just like Snow White and Cinderella.  She also was quick to clarify that […]